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About Us

Kuvaka Nhaka is an efficient and reliable service provided for people in the Diaspora who wish to purchase property, construct on the pieces of land they own or renovate their homes back in Zimbabwe.

As you plan and we eagerly anticipate your return in the years to come we act as a proxy between your hard earned money and a secure way of investing as we have identified that it can be difficult entrusting family members with large amounts of money. We are here to provide the ease of your investment by delivering on your every need as we protect your future and that of your family building a legacy through Kuvaka Nhaka.

We Provide

A secure credible and trustworthy service for the purchasing of property or the construction/renovations of homes in

We Operate

Kuvaka Nhaka is a service trading under the company name KuvakaProp Pvt Ltd registered under the laws and statutes of Zimbabwe. 

The service has been launched under KuvakaProp PVT Ltd with its roots lying in Mako Properties and construction which has overseen over 32housing projects and various residential construction (Low-High density)
over the last two decades.

The Focus has been realigned on clientele in the diaspora and having partnered with other local firms we operate in conjunction with Release Power investments, Arlington Estates and Masakhe homes in the selling, construction and renovation of properties around the country and Halstead Hardware, Mcdonald Timber Industries and other local 
players for the supply of various high quality building materials. We also provide technical expertise with a team of quantity surveyors, interior designers, landscapers and handymen providing a full service under one roof.




Our Services

A secure opportunity for your investment as we facilitate the ease of property purchases, the development of stands and renovations during your absence in the diaspora.

Property and Stands for Sale

Current housing developments range from Low to High Density in various areas around the country (available on request) but mainly the Harare locality. Stands are available in areas such as Mount Pleasant heights, Westgate Adlynn Township, Cold Comfort, Madokero, Mabvazuva, Ruwa and Airport Road (Arlington), Beatrice Road, Mabvuku, Budiriro, Greendale, Newlands, Highlands, Marlbrough, Highlands.

From the ground up we can develop your dream home .With a competent team of architects, quantity surveyors and manpower we will be able to provide your perfect home for you and your family.


We believe that quite a number of people in the diaspora were forced to leave the country due to the economic situation that prevailed at the time, this meant that properties were left under care and maintenance however over the years have suffered wear and tear, we however provide a solution to this as we carry out renovations to suit your needs as the Zimbabwean family would like to encourage you to return to your respective refurbished homes.




Quick Guide: HOW IT WORKS

Construction/ Renovation


Refer a friend

We encourage our local or Diaspora family who are not ready to invest but know someone who might be able to can get in touch with us to start the Kuvaka Process. Upon confirmation and receiving payment (Step 4 of how it Works) we will pay 5% of the agreed invoice value as commission to you. 


Payments can be remitted via Pay Pal or United Kingdom, South African and Zimbabwe bank account


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Kuvaka Nhaka

We are an efficient and reliable service provided for people in the Diaspora who wish to renovate, build and develop their homes back in Zimbabwe

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